Ethan gets his Lil Ninjas Veteran Badge

Here at Marsden Martial Arts in Chesterfield, we love it when our students do well. We love it just as much when parents let us know how much their children enjoy their martial arts and the little things we do to encourage them.

We received a post on our Facebook Page recently from Cara, who told us how pleased and happy Ethan was on getting his Lil Ninjas Veteran Badge.

So today Ethan got his Lil ninjas veteran badge!! It may not mean a lot when u get older to get praise or recognition for things u do…. but to kids the smallest of gestures e.g. Badges and stickers mean the world!! All u guys at Marsden martial arts are super amazing to all the Lil ones!! U treat everyone as family and each and everyone are treated as individuals!! Will keep saying it over and over but couldn’t wish for a better family to train one of the most important life skills my Lil ones will need whilst growing up…. Thanx guys ur doin a super job!!!

Lil Ninjas Veteran Badge

Ethan and his Lil ninjas veteran badge

We are so glad that our younger students take pride in all of their achievements – not just with us here, but in their school work and life outside of Martial Arts.  We like to think that our Martial Arts Classes help them develop their confidence and discipline – as well as teaching them that they should be appreciative of things – even the small things – instead of just taking them for granted.

If you would like to find out how you and your child can learn to defend themselves, gain confidence and discipline, just give one of our team a call on 01246 912007 – or fill in the form on our Contact Page.

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