Confidence issues with a new school

Confidence issues with a new school

If your child has moved school, either at the start of a new year or if they have moved into the area, we often see it affect a child’s confidence, as they are exposed to unfamiliar surroundings. For many it is a daunting prospect – children moving up to a new school – either nursery to middle school, or middle school to secondary school – they are suddenly exposed to bigger unfamiliar surroundings, lots of children they may not know that have come from other schools. This in itself creates an amount of uncertainty, an amount of anxiety and it can affect a child during their lessons and even at home. On top of that we sometimes get a bully within the school, who tries to impose their presence on “the new kid”. Any or all of these factors can have a detrimental effect on your child.

We have seen a few children come into our martial arts school with these exact problems, and it always saddens us to see this and the effect it has on children.

We do however have a solution.

Improve your childs confidenceMartial arts is a fantastic way of boosting a child’s self-esteem and confidence. It gives them the belief in themselves, as well as teaching them discipline, dedication and commitment that will help them through their school life, improving their academic abilities at the same time.

As well as the improvement in their confidence and the other mental aspects, we can also improve their physical self being. They will gain an improved level of fitness as well as an ability to defend themselves, teaching them to be aware of their surroundings and how to recognise potential bully flashpoints and how to avoid them. We find that your child’s new found confidence outwardly exudes and it often means that the bully no longer finds your child an easy target.

Confidence Improved = Happier Child.

So with the mental and physical side of things covered, your child should be able to hold their own within school and everything will seem a lot less intimidating and their academic progress will be a little easier. You will soon notice their confidence grow, their school work improve and altogether you will have a happier child.

If your child has any of the issues mentioned above, why not book them in for a free trial. You are more than welcome to speak to any of the parents whose children attend our lessons, and see how martial arts has changed their child’s life and improved their school work. We hope to see you and your child soon 🙂


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