What to look for when choosing a Martial Arts Academy

What to look for when choosing a Martial Arts Academy

Please print out as your check list

  • Are they professional ?

  • Are the facilities clean ?

  • Is there toilets and a shower ?

  • Is there good free parking ?

  • Are there safety floors in place ( not just jigsaw mats that get dirty – remember peoples’ bare feet will be on these mats – is the safety floor sterilised every day – it’s should be a must – you will see straight away if the safety floor is clean )

  • Does the Martial Arts Academy values reflect yours ?

  • Will it give the student what they want ?

  • If you’re the parent of the student will the Martial Arts Academy give ‘you’ what you want for your child, like listening skills or confidence ?

  • How does the Martial Arts Academy achieve these skills you want for your child, is the grading a condition of the student achieving these skills in and out side of the Martial Arts Academy ?

  • What proof does the Martial Arts Academy require these behaviour skills have been met ?

  • Can you put ‘into words’ what you want from the Martial Arts Academy for yourself ?

  • Will the Martial Arts Academy take time to get to know you personally and your unique needs?

  • How will the Martial Arts Academy record these needs and remind the students’ instructors of these needs every lesson ?

  • Ask to see how this is done ( memory is not good enough – there has to be a written system)

  • Can you try a lesson, and if it’s for your child, can you watch all the way through, not only the first lesson but every lesson so you can see what and how your child is being taught ?

  • Will the Martial Arts Academy be accommodating to your needs if your shy, over weight, under weight, self conscious, lack confidence, at first ?Can the the Martial Arts academy give you case studies of students who were in a similar position to you now and how they progressed over time ?

  • Can the Martial Arts Academy offer training times to suit you ?

  • Can the Martial Arts Academy offer you lessons with who you want to train with, adults only, children only, family classes ?

  • Can the Martial Arts Academy offer you a variety of students to train with, a healthy mix of female and male, a healthy number of students per class so you don’t get inbred training with just the same few people every lesson, can they offer different body types, ages and different levels of fitness, beginners and non-beginners ?

  • If you miss a week or work irregular times, how would the Martial Arts Academy accommodate this, so you still get taught the complete syllabus ?

  • Can you see the syllabus, what you are going to learn, for example if you want to learn self defence, do you really want to be taught ‘just’ punching and kicking because there are less dangerous ways of defending yourself, remember if you make a fist first you may be legally the person who is seen by a court of law as the ‘aggressor’ even if it you were just defending yourself. Similarly if you want to just learn punching and kicking can the Martial Arts academy offer this ?

  • Most importantly, does the Martial Arts Academy feel friendly, knowledgeable and caring ?


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