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Marsden Martial Arts in Chesterfield teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Muay Thai Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing with individual classes for men, women and children.

My thoughts after a year of starting Martial Arts

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A year after starting Martial Arts We've been asking a few of our members about how their training has been here at Marsden Martial Arts. Here is Rob's story. How long have you been training ? I have been training at Marsden Martial Arts for 1 Year and 3 weeks. Why did you pick up the phone and call

BBC Sheffield Interview on the Nowt So Strange As Folk Show

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BBC Sheffield Interview on the "Nowt So Strange As Folk!" Show We were recently asked to appear on the BBC Sheffield "Nowt So Strange As Folk" Show. Steve and Tom were more than happy to appear and had a fantastic time talking to Sam and Leesh about Martial Arts and what we bring to people. Below is a video transcript of the show - all rights

1400 and climbing

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1400 and climbing Thank you Facebook followers. Today, our Facebook page surpassed 1,400 likes! This makes us extremely proud, that so many people are enjoying the martial arts we deliver. It motivates us even more to keep on delivering martial arts in Chesterfield. We thank each and every one of you that has taken to time to hit that Like button, to write us a review, to

Indoor rock climbing with some of our students

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Indoor rock climbing with some of our students When you're part of a martial arts academy, it's not only being part of the martial arts school but also finding a friendly encouraging social circle where everyone is helping each other outside of the academy too. We recently took a trip indoor rock climbing with some students which by the looks of it is going to become a bit more

Ethan gets his Lil Ninjas Veteran Badge

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Ethan gets his Lil Ninjas Veteran Badge Here at Marsden Martial Arts in Chesterfield, we love it when our students do well. We love it just as much when parents let us know how much their children enjoy their martial arts and the little things we do to encourage them. We received a post on our Facebook Page recently from Cara, who told us how pleased and happy Ethan

13. Feeling Good About Yourself

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13. Feeling Good About Yourself Making your bed in the morning, even if you start by helping Mum or Dad in the early years, then moving onto doing it yourself as you get older. This gives the child a sense of achievement first thing in the morning and sets the tone for the day which is helping, tidiness and accomplishment which 'increases' the child's self-confidence, a sense of contributing and

12. Showing Respect

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12. Showing Respect During any celebrating of success, at the beginning of the lesson and the bow off at the end of the lesson, do not speak and do not look around and try to get the attention of your friends in class. Stand straight, hands by your sides and make good eye contact with the speaker. We must show, through posture, silence and listening that we respect each other

11. Holding The Door

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11. Holding The Door If you approach a door and someone is following you, hold the door for them. If the door opens by pulling, pull it open, stand to the side, and allow the other person to pass through it first, then you can walk through. If the door opens by pushing, hold the door open after you have walked through. It may seem like a small thing,

10. Tidiness

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10. Tidiness Always put your shoes away, in the academy put them together and put your socks in yours shoes and place them neatly at the side, out of the way or under a chair, never in walk ways. This applies to any bags or clothing you bring too. Download This Code of Conduct Sheet

9. Kindness

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9. Kindness Surprise others by performing random acts of kindness. Go out of your way to do something surprisingly kind and generous for someone without being asked, at least once a week. Download This Code of Conduct Sheet