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Marsden Martial Arts in Chesterfield teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Judo, Muay Thai Boxing, MMA and Kickboxing with individual classes for men, women and children.

8. Courteous

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8. Courteous Always say thank you when someone gives you something. If you do not say it within 3 seconds, in the Academy, we may take it back. There is no excuse for not showing appreciation. Download This Code of Conduct Sheet

7. Questions

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7. Questions If you are asked a question in conversation, you should ask a question in return. Me: “Did you have a nice day at School ?” You: “Yes, I played with my friend Freddie, Did you have a nice day ?” It is only polite to show others that you are just as interested in them as they are in you. Download This Code of Conduct

6. Ask The Right Questions

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6. Ask The Right Questions If you are fed up of losing, then learn how to win" which means being honest with yourself and ask yourself why you are not getting the results you want. Then watch the people who get what you want, and ask what they do differently to you, in order for you to get it right. 'Some people would rather win the argument, than be right'

5. Humility

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5. Humility If you win or do well at something, do not brag. If you lose, do not show anger. Instead, say something like, “I really enjoyed the competition and I look forward to playing you again,” or “good game,” or "you did really well". To show anger or sarcasm, such as “I wasn’t playing hard anyway” or “You really aren’t that good,” or " I was injured" shows

4. Encouragement

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4. Encouragement If someone wins a game or does something well in the Dojo, we will congratulate that person. Claps should be at least three seconds in length with the full part of both hands meeting in a manner that will give the appropriate clap volume. If we are racing and we finish first we will cheer the people behind to show it's the effort that's important.

3. Dojo Manners

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3. Dojo Manners “We will follow certain Dojo rules. We will be organised (we are responsible for making sure we have our uniform including belt), efficient, and on task. In order to do so, we will follow these simple rules: 1. When the 3 minute warning goes before class begins make sure you have had a drink of water and have been to the toilet if you need

2. Responding To Any Adult

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2. Responding To Any Adult When responding to any adult, you must answer with complete sentences, not just 'yes' , 'no' or 'urgh' For example, if you are asked "Have you tidied your bed room ?" The answer should be along the lines of " yes, the floor is clean, my bed is made and my toys are put away". Another example is "Have you had a good day

How our self defense lessons helped one of our students

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How our self defense lessons helped one of our students defend against a dog attack One of the key reasons people come to our academy is to learn self defense. In most cases, the self defense is used to defend against other people attacking you. But for one of our students, self defense techniques were used to defend against a dog attack. Brave student Lewis had the misfortune to

1. Eye Contact

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1. Eye Contact Keep eye contact with the person talking to you at all times. When some one is addressing you, stand straight and look them in the eyes. If someone else makes a comment then turn and face that person, giving the person talking 100% attention. Download This Code of Conduct Sheet

What to look for when choosing a Martial Arts Academy

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What to look for when choosing a Martial Arts Academy Please print out as your check list Are they professional ? Are the facilities clean ? Is there toilets and a shower ? Is there good free parking ? Are there safety floors in place ( not just jigsaw mats that get dirty – remember peoples’ bare feet will be on these mats