3. Dojo Manners

3. Dojo Manners

“We will follow certain Dojo rules. We will be organised (we are responsible for making sure we have our uniform including belt), efficient, and on task. In order to do so, we will follow these simple rules:

1. When the 3 minute warning goes before class begins make sure you have had a drink of water and have been to the toilet if you need too. Also have your progress card ready on the edge of the mat.

2. Line up and stand to attention when the lesson is called.

3. Listen carefully to other people who are celebrating their successes at the beginning of lesson, then they will do the same for you.

4. If you require to leave the mat, please raise your hand and ask a Sensei for permission.

5. When bowing maintain eye contact at all times

6. In the Dojo, as in life, there is a time for play and a time for work. When the ice breaker and warm up games have finished, immediately line up on the yellow dots, switched on and ready for action

7. When the Sensei has finished explaining the technique, the Sensei will count “1,2,3” and and you respond to this call to action with one clap and shouting the word ‘Oss ‘ which is a shortened form of the Japanese “nore-Wa Shinobu”, meaning, “I will persevere”.

8. Sometimes whatever we are doing, for whatever reason, we may feel sick, or dizzy, sit down against the wall, inform a Sensei by putting your hand up and, if you are able, call the Sensei’s attention.

9. Smiles make all the difference, they put people at ease and put us in the right mind set for training, so always remember to smile


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