Improve your Martial Arts Game with John B Will

Improve your Martial Arts Game with John B Will

John B Will arrives here at Marsden Martial Arts in Chesterfield on the 10th May and is a seminar not to be missed. It isn’t often that we see a BJJ Black Belt as accomplished as John, but we’ve managed to get him to teach a seminar for us.

John B Will is one of the first 12 non Europeans to get a Brazilian black belt, he’s small in stature, but great in knowledge. For those who have trained with John B Will in the past, you will remember that Johns simple but effective techniques are real game changers and they will take you to your next level, for close in and on the floor self defence and grappling. Also John’s philosophy on Martial Arts and how to get the best out of yourself in martial arts and out of life is phenomenal.

A bit about John B Will :

John is part of the Brazilian Dirty Dozen (first 12 non Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts)

Will founded BJJ America and to date, more than 600 schools throughout the USA he has tailor designed various curricula for several notable martial arts organizations including Chuck Norris’ UFAF (United Fighting Arts Federation) and many more.

John teaches distilled, accelerated learning based defensive tactics programs to various law enforcement and military agencies; including the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Defence Forces, the Marine Corp and many others. His highly innovative teaching methodologies have earned him a reputation as a ‘Supercoach’; and it is in this capacity as a ‘trainer of trainers’ that he obtains much of his employment. To date, he is the only non military SME’ (subject matter expert) that the Australian military has employed to design and teach their MUC (Military Unarmed Combat) package.

Please look at John Wikipedia for more info or his website

Personal Note from Sensei Tom:

I have had the privilege of training with John B will a few times now and every time I have exponentially improved my Game, in my opinion he is one of the greatest Coaches I have ever encountered, whether its your first time on the Mats or a veteran fighter you will improve 10 fold and he’s an all round nice guy.

  • Train with the coach of Coaches.
  • Part of the BJJ Dirty Dozen.
  • Teaches numerous military forces round the globe.
  • All the way from Australia.
  • Published Martial Arts Author.
  • 3 Hour super Seminar.

We aren’t sure when we will be able to get John back teaching with us, so don’t miss out on this seminar, get your ticket booked and enjoy a fabulous session with the awesome John B Will.

If you haven’t booked yet, just call us on 01246 912007 or pop into reception, here at Marsden Martial Arts.


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