Changing my life with Marsden Martial Arts

Changing my life with Marsden Martial Arts

Here at Marsden Martial Arts we see a wide range of people who come to join us for a wide variety of reasons. All of them valid and all of them we try to help you with. We love to see people reach and exceed their goals, watching them grow in confidence, lose weight, learn martial arts – we watch with immense pride and at times it is quite humbling to see how we have had a part in this.

One of our students, Steve Searle, has been kind enough to share his story – an amazing story – and one that again, we are happy and proud to have been a part of.

Steve’s Story

I moved to Chesterfield in November 2013 for a new job and more importantly a fresh start. After about 9 months of settling in to a new routine, I had a weeks holiday from work and spent it shut in my house watching TV. I remember how annoyed I was with myself that I had just wasted this time and that something needed to change.

I sat and thought about what I wanted to change about my life. The first item on the list was to loose weight, my weight is something I have struggled with my entire life so it is always first on the list. I also wanted to meet some new people, make some new friends and feel part of a community something that you don’t really get from going to the gym. So I started researching Martial Arts in the Chesterfield Area. Martial Arts is always something I was interested in doing, but life gets in the way sometimes.

I found Marsden Martial Arts from a Google search and was impressed that they taught a variety of disciplines not just one particular style, so I sent them an email and booked my introductory lesson. I remember being sat in the car outside the academy scared about taking that first step into this world that I really didn’t know anything about or what was in store for me.

Steve Searle loses 6 1/2 stonelking through the doors was Sensei Tom he greeted me with a big smile and and handshake and most of those doubts and fears were laid to rest straight away. The rest of the doubts were gone when I met the rest of the Marsden Martial Arts family Sensei’s Steve, Lyn and Brandon the made me feel right at home gave me that little seed of confidence and I knew that this was something I wanted to continue with.

I am nearly a year in with Marsden Martial Arts family and it has been quite a journey, I have formed some amazing friendships with fellow students, I am 6 1/2 stone lighter and dropping, my confidence and self belief is through the roof, I find myself doing amazing things from back spin kicks to completing a 9km Run, these are things that if you told me a year ago I would be doing I would have said you were nuts.

Joining Marsden Martial Arts is the best decision I have ever made and it has changed my life in every way and I promise that it can change your life too.

I hope to see you on the mats

Steve Searle

So there you have Steve’s story, I’m sure you will agree that he is an amazing guy, and an inspiration to many here at Marsden Martial Arts – well done Steve – keep up the fabulous work.


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