How our self defense lessons helped one of our students

Lewis used his self defense training against a dog attack

How our self defense lessons helped one of our students defend against a dog attack

One of the key reasons people come to our academy is to learn self defense. In most cases, the self defense is used to defend against other people attacking you.

But for one of our students, self defense techniques were used to defend against a dog attack. Brave student Lewis had the misfortune to be attacked by a dog. Dog attacks are hard to defend against as they are often quick, unpredictable and vicious.

The dog went to attack Lewis’s face, but thanks to his quick thinking and bravery, Lewis used the “Comb your hair” technique to guard his face and prevent serious injury. The dog did manage to bite Lewis’s arm, and thankfully he is making a fully recover from this injury. The attack could have been worse and we are so proud of Lewis using one of the self defense techniques we teach, to defend himself. Lewis has only been with us a short while, but has picked up the self defense techniques very well. He has picked them up that well, that he was able to use them effectively in an attack situation.

Well done Lewis you were a very brave boy and we hope that you never have to use your skills to defend yourself again.

The “Comb your hair” self defense technique

The “Comb your hair” self defense technique we teach is a wrist grab escape that we use to teach children. It teaches them how to escape from an adult if they were being taken against their will. As an adult we would use a similar move in boxing as a slip.

If you would like to find out how you and your child can learn to defend themselves, just give one of our team a call on 01246 912007 – or fill in the form on our Contact Page.

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