My thoughts after a year of starting Martial Arts

A year after starting Martial Arts

We’ve been asking a few of our members about how their training has been here at Marsden Martial Arts. Here is Rob’s story.

How long have you been training ?

I have been training at Marsden Martial Arts for 1 Year and 3 weeks.

Why did you pick up the phone and call to enquire ?

It had got to the point where I knew I had to do something – I needed more confidence about my self , and I realised walking up the stairs I was getting more and more out of breath.

What effect on your life would you say Marsden Martial Arts has had ?

It’s given me a lot more confidence, I’d had a previous relationship and my confidence been damaged.

What’s makes you keep coming ?

Everyone so welcoming and friendly it makes me want to come every week, it’s the inspiration to get off my back side and do something.

Have you noticed any physical effects ?

I’ve lost 4 1/2 stone and kept the weight off, so much fitter it’s made a massive difference, and being asthmatic the weight loss has helped with my breathing, I’ve not used my inhaler for 3 months.

I was a smoker and during training I stopped which surprised me because I’d been smoking since 15 years old and now I’m 43 years old.

Have you noticed any mental effects ?

I feel lot happier about myself, I don’t meet people other than at work, I don’t normally go out, so it’s nice to be able to socialise somewhere.

How difficult did you find the lessons to start with ?

They weren’t overly difficult, the instructions were really nice and clear, the teaching of the lessons are structured in a relaxed calming way to learn.

Physically they took it out of me, I knew I’d trained.

And now how do you find the lessons, after over a year?

It’s learning new things, there’s always something new to learn, which keeps training interesting and seeing my martial arts friends

Any final comments ?

It’s a pleasure to come and something to look forward too.

I feel more fit now at 43 than when I was 33. For me it was life begins at 41 1/2 not 40, when I joined and decided to do something after the separation, getting my own house and once in 25 years doing something for me.

What’s your favourite colour ?


Thanks Rob, for taking your time to share your story.

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