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Gemma Wilson Martial Arts TestimonialI was always really active when I was younger, and used to love doing Martial Arts, I lived and breathed it and was so happy and proud to get my black belt. Unfortunately life got in the way and I stopped attending at the age of 18.

I started suffering with anxiety and depression and I could no longer concentrate and became more and more anxious, when I wasn’t anxious I was very depressed.

After weighing myself for the first time in years I was horrified to see id gotten to to 15.9 stone, I was having trouble walking for more than a couple of minutes without my legs being in agony and my back pain causing me to be close to tears.

I decided to do something about it and contacted Marsden Martial Arts and the very same day Sensei Steve called me and set up a trial for that evening, I was so nervous as I thought they may say I was too overweight and unfit to join but when I got there I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was, there were 2 other new starters and 3 instructors and we had a good chat.

This put me at ease straight away and made me feel really welcome. We then had a warm up and learnt some simple techniques. After my trial I knew without any doubt that this was the place for me.

I finally got the confidence to start selling my crafts and started up my own business ‘Gempai Creations’ which is doing really well.

I’ve made so many new friends and really feel like a part of the family. I feel like a massive hole in my life has been filled and couldn’t love it more. On top of that since I started a year ago I have lost just over 5 stone. I’m so positive, confident and loving every step, and my anxiety, stress and depression has gone, something I thought I’d never be able to say. I can’t thank every instructor and group member enough for being so friendly, supportive and just great. I would highly recommend this group to anyone of any weight, age, fitness or confidence level.

Gemma Wilson

Testimonial by RachaelI’ve been coming to Marsden Martial Arts for six years now. The reason I continue to train here is not just to learn a new skill that keeps you fit, safe and active. But the way this great place makes you feel. Once you enter the door you join the rest of your family. Everyone is friendly and no matter what sort of day you have had, the positive atmosphere frees you from the everyday stresses.

If you are looking for a friendly place to learn new skills, get fitter and make lifelong friends and family, then this is the place for you. There is no ego here on the mats and higher grades are always ready to help with the lower grades. All body types, levels of fitness and ages are welcomed.

Hope to see some new faces on the mats soon. Much love and respect.

Rachael Louise Walker

Testimonial by Loretta

I’ve been training with you almost 3 years now and I’ve never felt fitter!! Such amazing and supportive people, I’ve never felt out of place or embarrassed. I’d recommend anyone to give it a go, even if they’re doubting themselves.

Loretta Rose Kerry

Couldn’t ask for a better place or family for me and my children to train. We have been here 2 years now and still love it as much as the day we started (the two stone I have dropped helps too, thanks guys) The family atmosphere from the “Marsden’s” and other parents/student who come here is a warm one, you couldn’t ask for nicer people.

Lucy Bryant

Rebekah Knight

Asher has been to a few classes with little Ninjas now and he absolutely LOVES it. He asks me what day it is everyday to check if it’s time for little Ninjas. A huge huge thank you to Miss Aisha for making Asher feel so welcome and at home at Marsden martial arts. He looks for you the moment he’s through the doors. His listening skills at home have improved dramatically, his confidence has peaked.. I could not recommend more if I tried. Absolutely worth every penny. The families that attend are really nice, there’s always a friend to have a chat with for me and for Asher! My little girl is 4 months old and already I can’t wait for her to be old enough to start! Sensei Tom and Sensei Steve are fantastic teachers! Extremely patient and just all-around BRILLIANT!! If you’re umming and arring about going- GO!!!

Jean Yeomans

Too all at Marsden Martial Arts
I want too say how much I appreciate all the skills my young nephew is learning in your martial arts group.
During the time he has been a student with you I have watched him grow in confidence, become more focused and gain the ability to speak out clearly in the group, increasing his communication skills quite dramatically.

I am very impressed by how the youngsters are taught strategies for keeping themselves safe in public places, how they are given the tools to deal with any Bullies they may encounter, using their own initiative strengths and qualities without resorting to violence.

I rarely fail to be moved by the closing ceremony where the children make eye contact and shake hands with each other. I believe that time and time again I witness moments of profound mutual respect between the youngsters.

And all of the above takes place in a space that is held by strong, clear, consistent, supportive boundaries , Held by every member of the team so the youngsters can safely relax and have a lot of fun whilst learning. I am so proud to see how my young nephew is embodying these life principles and how he takes them forward into his daily life, he is an absolute delight to be with and of course, I accept I am biased.

Finally, I would like to say how lucky I feel to have found your group at Marsden martial arts. At every single visit I witnessed a level of respect, honesty, clarity and focused attention from every member of the team; between the team members and every student within the group “integrity in action”

So thank you for being the good, strong, clear, respectful role models that you so clearly are, and like your motto “we will bring the diamond out of you” I get the impression that you each know your own diamond and I see you doing the ongoing work to polish and love your own and each other’s diamonds with the clear intention of helping the youngsters realise that own diamonds and true worth and self respect.

Best wishes and my upmost respect to you all

Matthew Bower

Joined over three years ago now which was one of the best decisions ever. Thoroughly enjoy the classes and the atmosphere down at Marsden Martial Arts!

We received this text from Caroline about Matilda, who had listened to Sensai Steve about the importance of being tidy and listening to their parents.


Sorry for the late text but just wanted to thank you. Matilda has been tidying up, putting clothes in the laundry bin and listening to us all week because ‘Sensai Steve says it’s important’. We’ll be there on Sunday, our little girl has never been as proud of anything as her suit and the respect you showed her. Caroline X

Matilda listening to Sensai Steve


When we came for our trial lesson, Sensai Brandon was so attentive, we could see he didn’t just teach Martial Arts, he “is” Martial Arts. It’s like a piece of paper with a watermark, you can feel the quality, and over 3 years later the same quality is there.

Catherine (M’s Mum)

M really enjoyed yesterday – i asked why .. and he told me it was fun , it ‘focused on him’ which made me smile as he was listening to what was said – (shame he doesn’t when playing ps3 .. ) , and he enjoyed steve’s sense of humour especially the games and angry ball ?? ! I was really impressed yesterday and having googled you as is the way these days . Think u both very modest against your achievements … It was lovely to see m laughing , and he is a ‘giggler’ , and accepts his fate of school – but it’s hard work for him .. Just a question, . do I have to let you know if we are coming on a certain day or can we turn up if we could make it , thinking about ratio no’s etc . ? U both made us feel very genuinely welcome – and family focused .. Have a lovely birthday Tom ! See you both Wednesday . Catherine.


I believe in you and me, and I know i can do it. Thank you so much for your words and your support xx i take in everything you, Lyn, Tom and Brandon teach me xxx love you guys….My life has never been better since u have been in it x x

Bexs Wieberg

I joined on Sunday – Steve and Brandon was so welcoming and so polite made a great coffee for us both its a great place to be so supportive they are great people everyone at Marsden are so friendly we are one big happy family its a honour to be at Marsden and we met tom he was lovely too they believe in you thats what you call good teachers amazing I love it thank you.

Steve Searles Story

Steve Searle’s story has inspired so many people. It truly is humbling that we have had a part in Steve’s amazing success story – showing that with hard work and determination, anything can be achieved.

Anthony Wieberg

I love everything about our martial arts i have disabilities but i was shocked they was great with me and help me understand they are great Sensei Steve, Brandon, Tom i would recommend this club to anyone and everyone i really did enjoy my first hardcore session they think about you a lot which is nice and willing to help you with anything thank you its a honour to be at Marsden Martial Arts we are one big family they are so polite and welcoming to you top marks from me 10 out of ten .

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